Undavalli makes shocking comments on Pawan Kalyan

The heat of Andhra Pradesh politics are increasing. Chandrababu Naidu return after circling around Center.When Chandrababu is standing infront of Parliament steps, Andhra Pradesh’s TDP MLAs are climbing the steps of YCP.So Chandrababu decided to focus only on his Party. But Jagan is bringing full attention to YCP by his infamous Padayatra. Pawan Kalyan’s tour with Left-wing became a huge success. On this behalf Ex-MP Undavalli Arun Kumar’s comments made a sensation.

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AP Ex-CS IVR Krishna Rao’s book on state capital is released in an event. It was attended by Pawan Kalyan , Left-Wing leaders and Undavalli Arun Kumar. On this event Undavalli in a speech said ” Pawan Kalyan’s speech in Guntur changed the face of Andhra Pradesh politics. Currently whatever Pawan Kalyan speaks are hitting publics heart directly.”

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Parliament has halted for few days because of no-confidence motion. Pawan Kalyan is the main reason behind this no-confidence motion. Because of Pawan Kalyan taking a step forward every other party followed him. Pawan Kalyan took a major risk by coming into politics in these situations. Its a great favour to us . ” said Undavalli Arun Kumar.
Undavall’s these comments made a hot topic. Everyone are wondering if there is any strong reason behind Undavalli praising Pawan Kalyan..

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