Shock to Chandrababu… TDP MLA to join YCP

Since few days there’s been a lot of defection of members from TDP and YCP.Earlier many YCP MLAs joined TDP. Even while Jagan’s Padayatra many important members of YCP joined in TDP. TDP saw few of their members joining YCP . But now Chandrababu Naidu got a huge blow as a TDP MLA is joining YCP.

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“Kondapi” TDP MLA Sri Balaveeranjaneya Swami is joining YCP from his official party TDP. In Last election he won with a majority of 5440 votes over YCP’s senior leader Jupudi Prabhakar Rao. Later he lost control over his constituency . After his win in 2014 elections he moved close to public and kept the TDP away from him.

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Sri Balaveeranjaneya Swami’s done things against TDP and party members. This has been reported to Party’s high command resulting a talk about withdrawal of his ticket in next election. On this wake Swami met YCP Jagan Mohan Reddy to discuss his future career. Based on this there’s a word in field that he is going to join YCP quitting on TDP

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The twist of the story is his brother along with another TDP MLC are also ready quit TDP and YCP. Prakasam District is becoming a hot stage for this political drama. Earlier Jupudi contested as YCP candidate and Swami as TDP candidate. Now the whole scene is reversed as Swami may contest from YCP and Jupudi as TDP’s. Speculations says that Jupudi have less chances to win this election over Swami. Whatever happens, if Swami joins YCP then whole scenario will change. A MLA leaving a ruling TDP party and joining YCP sends shocking waves to Chandrababu Naidu

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