“Revenge” on AP MP … 450 crores loss?

Remember the words “Mr.Prime Minister”..The same words which shook the whole media and Modi, its from none other than MP Galla Jayadev.
Galla Jayadev protested against BJP-led Central Government for not giving any importance to AP which made a sensational news nation wide , which also made Galla Jayadev very popular. Reports say that these protests by Galla Jayadev made Modi to take strict action againist him. Now the question is what is happening behind Galla Jayadev ??

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Galla Jayadev is going to face troubles because of his opposition towards central government. The ongoing problems faced by Amara Raja group proves this. The questions “What is the deal between modi and jagan?” ,”What is Modi’s agenda behind not helping AP?” clearly made Modi restless. These protests made Modi Government to start finding loopholes in Galla Jayadev.Reputed Galla Family is not scared by these actions , but reports say the may have to go through serious issues.

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Amara Raja is already loosing governement subsidies for different reasons. Eventhough Amara Raja Group got many years of contract for supplying Batteries for Indian Railway, Government is taking very less orders . 50% of the orders are being contracred to a Foreign Company. All these made a huge dent in Amara Raja’s economy, an estimated loss of 450 Crores is assumed.No one knows if Central Government is involved in these decisions or not.Congress already suspecting that central government is taking revenge by arresting Karthi Chidambaram ,son of ex finance minister Mr Chidambaram. But reports say Galla has trashed out the double-cross by governement and even if such things happen he is not going to take a back step in this regard.If these reports are true , BJP and their benefitting parties YCP and Janasena are going face a huge backlash from public.



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