Pawan in contact with “those 40 people”…?

Pawan created a storm in TDP party which is still going on . In Guntur meeting Pawan Kalyan made furious comments on TDP MLA. Pawan with a fierce voice said about Nara Lokesh’s corruption history.Pawan has found that he has some evidence wether or not but the Pawan’s effect is all over the MLA’s in the TDP.
Pawan Kalyan alleged 40 MLAs complained about Nara Lokesh’s corrupt activities to him.

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Now there is a serious debate in political circle that the comments made by Pawan on Lokesh and the above said 40 MLAs are in contact with Pawan.But at this point,the identity of 40 MLAs who complained about Nara to Pawan are not known.. By this there was a serious impact on Chandrababu Naidu.. Reports say that TDP involved intelligence to figure out about this.Even Party leaders are given commands to find out who are these 40 MLAs.

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They are susppecting that MLAs from Godavari districts and the Rayalaseema are involed in this issue..When Pawan Kalyan conducted a road show in Anantapur, where some MLAs met Jagan, who is now in contact with many of the MLAs in TDP who confirmed that no ticket will be available for TDP in the next election.Some are planning to join the Janasena .The TDP leaders are confident that everything will come to limelight soon.

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