Jagan shocks Chandrababu

Andhra Pradesh’s main opposition party leader Jagan Mohan reddy is keeping Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu naidu restless. Jagan made huge dent on chandrababu’s “Dheeksha” attention. As Jagan’s “Praja Sankalpa Yatra” is gaining lot of reputation day by day. He said ” Chandrababu is scared of the public support we are getting and started this “Dheeksha” just in wake of elections”

Jagan’s Padayatra reached Krishna District. As Krishna District is safe haven for TDP everyone already speculated that Jagan will try to get attention of ‘Kamma’ communities. He planned to join many TDP supporters to his party from Guntur and Krishna Districts. But that didnt work out in short span of time. So he made sensational comments to get into the hearts of Kamma Communities.

His padayatra is happening currently in Nimmakuru town of Krishna District. Few members of Nandamuri Family met Jagan in Nimmakuru. After the meet Jagan made sensational announcements… Nandamuri family members brought to the notice of Jagan about the corruption happening in name “Neeru-Cheettu” project. Jagan inspected the works done in lakes. They alleged that “NTR’s grandson Nara Lokesh adopted Nimmakuru. 3-4 ft was supposed to be dug in lake but they dug upti 50ft to sell the sand.”

Jagan Mohan reddy made an annoucement to send shock waves to Chandrababu Naidu . He announced he will changed the name of Krishna District to NTR District . This news is already creating waves . Experts say there a huge plan behind these statements made by Jagan. It is clear that Jagan is trying to hit the votebank of TDP and to get the support of Kamma communites by these statements

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